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Top Gear on The Car of The Future, the Honda FCX Clarity

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“The reason it’s the car of the future, is because it’s just like the car of today.” —–James May


JC really doesn’t like porsches. Even though he really likes them.

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Jeremy Clarkson feature – Clarkson on Porsche – 2008 – Features – Top Gear

When you buy a modern Porsche, you are demonstrating to the world
that you are very interested in driving. And being ‘very interested in
driving’ means that, for you, it is a hobby.

This is bad. Hobbies are for people who were caught masturbating as a child.

Wheel of Fortune

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Top Gear talks about investment, on a future car.

Top Gear – Jeremy Clarkson Reviews Vauxhall (Holden) VXR8

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