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Edwin Conan on Car Design News

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Yes! My portfolio made it into the “Featured Portfolios” Section on Car Design News website: here.


Edwin’s Capability Statement

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Capability Statement

Edwin Yi Yuan

For the last year of my undergraduate education in industrial design, the focus of my pre-major and major projects is on vehicle design. I am always interested and passionate about vehicles (meanly cars and aircrafts, does not mean that I am not interested in boats and bikes and other means of transportation) and desire to become a vehicle designer, car designer if you like. And the fourth year final project is an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my knowledge, skills and experience that I gain during my four years of industrial design study.

In the current climate and situation, there are simply too many design students out there (not just industrial design students, but other design students as well, including graphic design, fashion design, architecture and interior design students), and there are not much, or shall I say, no needs for them in design firms. And other types of companies do not take design graduates because they did not study engineering or business. A graduation certificate from the university is a one way ticket to the world of unemployment. Many of the design students have to give up their dreams and end up going back to study cooking, hair dressing or accounting in order to find a job to survive. Although I understand that the chances of me becoming an automotive designer after graduation are million to one or virtually impossible, that does not stop me from trying or at least dreaming to be one, as the chances of a gambler hitting a jackpot and a person winning a lottery are also million to one, but it will never happen if he was not a gambler or did not bought the lottery ticket in the first place. Fourth year final project is also the last period of time that a design student can live in his dream before he is thrown back to the cruel reality. In the real world, only the luckiest best of the best of the best student gets an unpaid several-month internship before the company dumps him.

So, desperate time calls for desperate measures, if the final project is not the time to take the risk, then no time is. This is where the “PROJECKPOT” project comes in.

To read more about “PROJECKPOT”, please refer to “PROJECKPOT Proposal”.

My Capability

Many of my capability will come in handy while doing this project and some of them will be well developed and improved during this project.

Creative and Conceptual thinking capability

As a design student, the ability of conceptual thinking or the creativity is the most important. I do not know if a person can learn to be creative or the conceptual thinking can be taught as a subject. Maybe it is the experience during one’s life that contributes and form one’s unique way of thinking. But designers need to think conceptually and creatively. An award winning design may not be the most practical one but it is likely to be the most radical one and the thinking behind that really got the judges sold. Although most of my previous projects did end up with a good mark and in a unique shape, in most cases, after initial radical thinking, I tend to get very practical and technical due to the fact that I have to produce a scale model or a real size working prototype. In the real situation, a radical concept will be even more limited by the production cost, technology, tooling process and so on. I guess that fourth year is my last chance to showcase my creative thinking capability and go crazy. Hopefully I will have enough hair left on my head after I graduate.

Drawing Skills

I have been drawing since the first time I knew I was grabbing a pen in my hand. During my not-so-long 22-year life time, in all the schools I have been to, I was always doing well in art lessons. I also went to art hobby classes and learned traditional Chinese painting during elementary school. From year 7 in middle school, I started learning pencil sketch and water colour life drawing right until I graduate from high school just be before I come to Australia to study industrial design. Although industrial design has its own unique way of free hand concept sketching and marker rendering that I have never learned before, the principal of drawing, the perspective and shading are the same. I have been highly active in the first year Communication drawing classes and chose to do Choi’s Manual Drive drawing elective. However, as I spent more time on 3D program for the last few semesters, I haven’t been practice drawing for a while and I would really like to use the final project as a wonderful opportunity to continue developing my drawing skill, as it is one of the main qualities that a potential employer of a design student is looking for. One thing for sure, I enjoy drawing.

Computer Skills (3D and 2D)

I have not touched any 3D computer software before first year communication Solidoworks class, but I was one of the fastest Solidworks learners. Up to one point that my lecture Nick did not want to answer any of my questions in class and Simon gave me 100% mark for one of my technology CAD assignments. During first and second year, I spend more time stayed up more nights than anyone else in the computer lab to familiarize myself with the software. Partly because the laptop I had at the time was not fast enough to run the 3D software, but more importantly I realized that 3D software is a very useful tool to detail and present concepts and produce physical models. And if I ever get a job in design industry, it will most likely be a job sitting in front of a computer doing CAD. Also, most design work we see today is in the form of 3D renderings and almost all the design need a detailed 3D model before production.

Since all the work will more or less be presented in a 2D format, either printed on paper or projected on screen, a good illustration will always help to sell the design. I am capable of producing efficient presentation (poster, digital presentation and hardcopy folio) with simple and clear layout (Edwin style) using 2D software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I also enjoy designing logos for myself and my projects.

Model Making Skills

I have been practically making models for more than 16 years from the day I asked my dad to buy the 1/72 scale plastic model plane hobby kit at the age of 7. Model making skill is the skill that I am most proud of. During the 16 years of building more than 50 static aircraft models, more than 20 car models of different scales, breathing dust and the smell of glue and paint, I have developed proficient skills of using simple hand tools, sanding, painting, polishing, error correcting and problem solving, but most importantly, the ability of turning a concept into physical 3D form that one can touch and play with. Paul in the workshop does not like me sometimes because I do not always listen to him and follow his way to make my model (that is not good I know, he is great and I really need his help on the machines that only staff can operate). I spent a great deal of time in the workshop during the semesters producing high quality models or working prototypes, there is a saying: “If you can’t fine Edwin in the computer lab, he’s in the workshop.” For the last two years, even after semester finishes and everyone was on holiday, I was still in the workshop making my model cars for the competitions, most of the time there was only Paul and I in the workshop and I enjoyed the quietness and peace. Final year is my last chance to use the workshop, access those handy tools and asking for help from Paul, and I would like to push my modeling skill to a new level.

Language Skills

The good thing about being an international student is that I know another language (Chinese), but the downside is my English is not as good as other students, although back in China we spent more than 11 years to learn it. At least I can use it more or less. I have learned a bit of Italian as well, the reason has been that I have always appreciated Italian design and would like to know more about why Italians are so stylish and passionate and they are so good at design and styling.


I spent 2 years designing my EC logo and finalize the design 12 years ago, since then, I started to personalize everything that I use in my everyday life, from pencil cases to socks, from scarf to cushions and pillows, and I have developed my own style and taste. Industrial design study enabled me to transfer them from 2D to 3D, the work I have done always carry a strong signature of EC. Personally, I think it is very important to establish a designer’s identity.

All in all, at this stage of my life, I have some basic skills and I enjoy using them and willing to develop and improve them.

HSV Encore 1:10 Model Studio Photoshots

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Making the 1:10 Scale Model of the HSV Encore

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HSV Encore Designed by Edwin Conan won the 2nd Place in 2008 WHEELS Young Designer of The Year Competition

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New Renderings of HSV Encore Designed by Edwin Conan

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These renderings can be downloaded for desktop images 1920 x 1440

Muscle Car Sharing Scenario

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