iPW (iPocketWatch) – Pocket Watch Case for the iPod Nano


Thank you for coming to my WordPress page.

I’ve designed this iPW (iPocketWatch) – pocket watch case for the iPod Nano (pictured above), and am currently seeking funding on the following website:


If you like my design,  would it be ok if you could help to fund my project or help to spread the word for me?

Your kind reaction will be much appreciated.

Many Thanks




11 Responses to “iPW (iPocketWatch) – Pocket Watch Case for the iPod Nano”

  1. Carlos Ramirez Says:

    Hey Man,

    I went to the pozible link but it seems its too late to order through their website…

    Where could I purchase one of these beauties now?


  2. Hi Edwin,

    I love the design and have seen the pozible site for the iPW. I noticed your target was reached for manufacturing to begin, could you tell me where the iPW is available for purchase online? If it is not yet available, could you please let me know when it will be?

    I currently clip my iPod Nano (6thGen) to my waistcoat pocket when wearing my suit, but I’ve been looking for a pocket watch accessory – yours appears to be the only one around.

    Many thanks,


    • edwinconan Says:

      Hi Jimm

      Thanks for contacting me. I have sent an email to both your hotmail, and google mail. I think maybe email can be a easier way to communicate than wordpress. But yeh, please have a look at the email and let me know.

      Many Thanks


  3. I, too, am interested in purchasing the iPW. I gave a Nano (6th gen) to my niece for Christmas, and now I’d like to giver her the iPW for her birthday, which is in March.


  4. Im also interested in purchasing one. Can you advise on how I can go about it? Thanks!

    • Hi Edgar

      Thank you for contacting me.
      I’m very glad that you are interested in the iPW.
      Let me send you an email.



  5. Howdy Edwin,
    Love all your designs. I too would love to buy a iPW if you have any left.

    • edwinconan Says:

      Hi Sean

      Thank you very much for contacting me. I am very glad that you like my design.
      Yes, there are a few iPW left, but they are all in black colour, if it’s ok.
      I will email you the pictures of the black one, so you get an idea of how it looks.

      Best Regards


  6. Hey Edwin,

    I was wondering if you were still selling your iPocketWatches? Are they available online?

    • edwinconan Says:

      Hello Dianna

      Hope this finds you.
      This is Edwin from iPocketWatch.
      Thank you for trying to reach me on wordpress.

      Sorry it took me a week to get to your comment, i don’t check that wordpress anymore.

      Although the iPW is sold out now, I think I may still have a few samples left. They may not be absolutely 100% perfect as the ones I would normally sell to people, but if you really would like to have one, I can sell it to you for slightly less if you wouldn’t mind.

      I can send you photos of the item if you are interested.

      Please let me know. my email is: edwinconan@hotmail.com

      Many Thanks


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