What Alfa Romeo is all about? It’s an Alfa.

Alfa Romeo is by far away my favourite car brand, whitout Alfa, there will be no Ferrari, no Lambourghini. If Enzo Ferrari did not become a racing driver for Alfa Romeo, he would not build Ferrari car as we know today, and Mr lambourghini would not by Ferrari cars and hated it and set off to turn his tractor factory into supercar factory. Alfa is where the italian passion and style in car design starts. Alfa is the genesis. The first Ad is for the Alfa Brera, the car that is widely considered as the most beautiful car on sale today, also the most beautiful car that normal people can afford, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It is so gorgeous that even a blind person can feel the beauty, and although without any word discription in the Ad, the commercial tells a lot about Alfa. Alfa is more than a car, it is a feeling, when an Alfa drive by, people can feel it, the beauty, the passion the style and pedigree. People who buy an Alfa are those who understand cars, not as a tool to move them around, but as an art piece, they made the purchase dicision not because its practicality, but because its aesthetics, it is not a financial activity, but a love affair. Which brings me neatly to the second Ad, people buy an Alfa not for it’s lastest technology and safety featurers, but because it’s an Alfa.

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