Visit to Showroom Series: Saab


Among all the car manufacturers, I think Saab is a very special one, because this Sweden brand name was founded as a military aircrafts maker 70 years ago, and 60 years after they turned their hand to cars, they are still designing jets for Swedish air force. Aviation is their unique background. They always propagate that the design of their cars comes out of the blue sky.

It is not hard to find some trace of jet on a Saab car. For instance, the two smaller holes at two sides of the three-hole front grille refer to the air intakes of their jets, the aerodynamic appearance and the cockpit interior design are all aircraft inspired. Saab even name their car models in the same way they name their jet fighters, they have Saab-35, Saab-37 and Saab-39 jet fighters, and they have Saab-93, Saab-95 cars. Above all, the engines of all the Saab models are turbocharged, which they are the one and only in the world. There are two main reasons for using turbocharger in their cars according to their explanation. One is turbocharger develops from their turbofan jet engines, it is their identity, second is turbocharger pumps more air into the engines to raise its efficiency and by doing this, the engine of the same size is more powerful and saves more petrol, as we all know, Swedish concern about their environment seriously and it’s their culture to protect it.

Saab designs their cars in a very northern European, Scandinavian way, just like IKEA furniture. Saab believes that beautiful, organic shapes must meet everyday functionality and well-designed products can enhance the quality of life through their practical beauty. Any unnecessary decorative flourishes should be avoided in preference for pure, unadorned shapes. Only humanistic and ergonomic forms are valued.


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