Visit to Showroom Series: Porsche


I pass Porsche Centre on Victoria St twice everyday on the bus, but I have never been into it and have a look, this time I decided to get off the bus and push the door of the Porsche Centre.

Porsche is named after Dr. Porsche, although he is an engineer, many cars that designed by him are proved to be masterpieces, including Volkswagen Beetle and Porsche 911. Both cars have round shape frog eye head light, beautiful curvy outlines and rear engine.

Beetle is cuter than the 911. One thing for sure, the two cars are all extremely popular and successful. Although the shapes slightly change from one generation to another, the original design elements created by Dr. Porsche have all been carefully remained. When people talk about Porsche, the first image come to their brain is still the iconic frog eye head light. If fashionable means popular, that Porsche can be regarded the most fashionable sports car in the world. Among all the sports car manufacturers, obviously Porsche has the biggest number of customers. Because what Porsche produces is a high performance sports car for everyday use. In other words, you can drive a Porsche to work everyday just like others drive Ford or Holden. Unlike other sports cars, Porsche has reasonable big cockpit space and luggage space, very handy for everyday life. When in holidays, the car is also able to provide the drive pleasure that never found on Ford or Holden.

What I found interesting in that showroom is their Porsche design driver’s selection section, their car accessaries. A girl assistant told me that Porsche has a wide range of cars suitable for different communities, from the cheapest enter level model to most expensive top level super car. And the driver’s selection covers even wider range of people. The collection includes all the products that you can imagine. Sunglasses, watch, necklace, belt, jacket, sweater, quilted jacket, long-sleeved shirt, polo shirt, scarf, tie, leather jacket, gloves, cap, golf set, bags and so on, even bathrobe, baby cars, pushchair and teddy bear, most of them are designed by Porsche Design. Those products target communities from babies to old people, from men to women. Any one, no matter gender, occupations, age, race, can afford a Porsche or not, as long as you like Porsche, the driver’s selection will surely has one piece that is attractive to you. Not rich enough to buy a Porsche? What about buy a Porsche driver’s selection key ring or lighter now?


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