Visit to Showroom Series: Audi


Why, you may ask, did I put an Aston Martin as the title picture? I honestly shot it in the Audi showroom. Apparently, someone decided to exchange an Aston Martin for an Audi.

As the nearest car showroom to the campus, Audi Centre is certainly the first showroom on my list. The showroom is a big steel structure glass box facing north. So the sunlight shines into the room all the time during the whole year. I guess they saved a lot of energy because of this.

Audi is second car manufacturer brand name I knew in my life, but the way, the first one was Volkswagen. Audi always makes me feel sedate, low-keyed and poised. Maybe that is because of the German characteristic. The shape of the cars seldom has significant changes. Just like a gentleman always wears suit. But resent few years, the new design manager wanted all the models designed in his time look different from the previous ones, so he made the decision to change the outline of the grilles, which is probably the biggest change of the car styling of Audi in the last 30 years. What he did is enlarge the grille and extend it to the bottom edge of the body. In other word, the mouth of Audi finally opened. This change makes the new models look much more vital and dignified. It feels that the “mouth” desires to eat the road ahead. The rest of the bodywork is still very similar to the old model.

Audi doesn’t need crazy shape, curvy lines and sexy body to catch people’s eyes and attract their target customers, Audi’s real secret to be an extremely successful car manufacturer is their famous, advanced technology, more specifically, their Quattro 4 wheels drive system. Only when you are in the car can you start to understand their culture and the spirit of the brand name.


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