Experiments with Flying Cars

Experiments with Flying Cars

Aerocar restored in 2006

When most people think of flying cars, they think of the Jetsons TV show, and speculate that, maybe one day in the far-off future, people may drive flying cars. You might be surprised to know that flying cars have been in development since the 1930s–even before the Jetsons.

Maybe it shouldn’t be that surprising, though. After all, we have cars, and we have planes–is it that far-fetched to combine the two? There is serious research going on today to investigate the possibilities for flying cars. One of the biggest events, AeroTech 2007, hosted by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE), will be held next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In preparation for the future, here’s a look at some of the most famous flying cars during the past century. (Please note that this is an incomplete list, and that other experiments with flying cars were not intentionally left out.)

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