Ford’s Solution For The Broke Family

Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept to Debut in New York – Worldcarfans

It seems Ford is readying a people-carrier version of the Transit Connect van for the US market. That is if you go by this concept, although no official announcement has been made about production or an actual release date set.

The Transit Connect Family One will debut at the New York auto show next week and Ford says it is aiming the vehicle at the consumer demographic they call the “cool mom,” or parents of small children in their mid-30s who haven’t lost their sense of style, nor their sense of irony.

Respect to the Ford Transit Van, for more than 40 years, the Ford Transit Van has been an icon in automotive history, the best van of all time, people use it for every purposes from company delivery van to bank robbery getaway vehicle. And now it seems that Ford has found another utility of the Transit Van, as the family people carrier.

Clearly, this van is designed for a broke family due to the economical crises by a broke company due to the same economical crises. Look at it, obviously Ford has got no money to restyle the Transit Van, so they took a regular white one (typical van colour) from their warehouse, but then they thought: we are doing a concept car, so it has to look different and eye catching, but we don’t have money. So they took another regular but blue one, and they swap the door. And we end up with a hospital white van with Ford blue doors. This is typical van driver thinking. If a van driver for some reason damaged the door or the door rusted or broken, they will go to a scrap yard and find the same type of van and change the door and drive away with a van with a door in different colour. The designers for this concept must be lucky to find those blue doors to make the whole vehicle in Ford colour.

Ok, it’s not goint well on the exterior, what about the interior. First of all, for the car to be a family people carrier used by mum and kids, it needs 7 seats, not 5. Those screens are too high for small kids to watch, their necks will get serious tired. Those scooters and first aid kit and toy box, they are just afterthoughts and fiddles. And the neon lights, they don’t work at all, if you and your kids have come out of the party and get on the van and feel still in the party or club, you gonna be sick.

Finally, look at the consumer demographic that Ford are targeting this van to, “cool mom”, parents of small children in their mid-30s who haven’t lost their sense of style, not their sense of irony. Ok, what are those “cool mums” driving for the school run at the moment? big SUVs. If Ford make this “van-with-scrap-yard-found-doors-in-different-colour” van into production, none of those so called “cool moms” will go and buy one, if they haven’t lost their style and irony, they will go back to drive their SUVs, even they know they may no longer afford the SUV and their husbands may be fired next week. Because this van is not stylish nor fashionable, doesn’t matter there is a solar panel on the roof or eco friendly or fuel saving. This is not cool, cool moms will still drive SUVs.

All in all, this van sums up everything that is wrong with the car company at the moment. If this is what they see as the future, they will be in an even bigger trouble in the future, if they have a future.


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