April Fool Genius Inspiration

Kia Unveils Dramatic Wind-Assisted Aero-Soul – Worldcarfans

The vehicle uses a low-cost system that can mount to any products in Kia’s line-up. Available with new cars and retroactively, the Air Propulsion and Retardation Installation Line uses sensors to detect wind speed as the Soul is driving down the highway. Once wind speed is at a strong enough rate, panels built into the bumpers are deployed to harness the wind power to assist in speeding up the car.

This system does not just work when the car is running at speed. When braking or decelerating the panels also pop out like drag chutes to help slow the car down. Also part of the system is a reverse thruster that drops down from behind the exhaust pipe to reduce the strain on the brakes.

When KIA gets innovative, it’s hilarious, Air Propulsion and Retardation Installation Line, or A.P.R.I.L. …good one!! Genius.
But that got me thinking, although it’s just an April Fool prank, the idea is good, why can’t we use wind power on a normal production car as an assistant energy source to help to power the car? If there is air brake, then there should also be wind power.

PS: I know there are wind powered racing vehicles with a mast and a big sail, or with a kite, but that’s another thing.

SEAT Puts the Wind Up Ecomotive Drivers – Worldcarfans

SEAT has announced a grounding breaking advancement in green-motoring with the unveiling of their new Aero-Tonto electricity generation system for the Ibiza Ecomotive.

Inspired by Dutch windmills, the Aero-Tonto system consists of a roof mounted three-blade electric wind turbine that spins as a result of air moving over the surface of the Ibiza as it travels. This reduces the need for the engine to produce electricity, resulting in improved fuel economy. According to SEAT Development Engineer Santos Inocentes, “Cutting the alternator’s drain on the car’s engine means a potentially significant fuel saving, while harnessing the power of the wind is potentially limitless.”

That’s just a joke, stuck a tiny windmill on the roof of the hatchback doesn’t do anything, and it won’t save fuel.

New Hyundai i10 conversion range released – Worldcarfans

Given the current economic downturn and a trend towards more eco-friendly vehicles, Hyundai sees this as the perfect time to expand this ever growing product lineup into the rapidly growing political and faith leadership transportation sector. In order to grab a firm stranglehold on this ever important market, the company has created a new conversion package for the stylish and frugal i10.

Even the pope was effected by the economic crises.


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