HSV Encore 2020 by Edwin Conan

HSV Encore is the most sophisticated, innovative and economical holden special vehicle
ever released to encore more than 30 years of aussie muscle, by the year 2020.

Special from most of the cars in the market, the styling of the Encore uses the trick extruding
gentle curves rather than organic forms.

The car features a sophisticated duel-fuel (duel-mood) 6 liter V8 with cylinder shut down function
that runs on both ethanol and hydrogen carried on board (there are two fill up caps on each side
of the car). Driver can switch between two fuels at any time for either economical and quietness
or for extreme high performance and muscle noise.

By the year 2020, carbon fiber will be mass produced. The car is almost entirely constructed
by carbon fiber for extreme light weight and stiffness. The car is lighter than ever, with a
powerful V8, the performance is greater than ever.

Encore is also very practical for everyday use, it provides big interior space and boot space
with split doors, it is very user friendly.

Encore the special of HSV.


One Response to “HSV Encore 2020 by Edwin Conan”

  1. Turned out great Edwin. Congratulations! šŸ™‚

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