To Make Hybrids Louder, oh, dear

Motor Authority » California studying ways to make hybrids louder

Oh, good, there are people start to concern about the pedestrians, and try to make hybrid cars noisier. And their anwser is to use speakers and microphones, some even want the hybrid to sound like a V8.

To me, this is a super daft idea, i mean to protect pedestrians is good, but to make a hybrid car louder is stupid, just look at that hybrid car on the picture, do you want that thing sounds like a V8?

To drive a Toyota Prius hybrid car is already embarrassed enough, the image you are sending out is that:
1. You are an environmentalist and hippie
2. You are stupid and convinced by Toyota marketing people and believe their scam that to drive one of their dreadful Prius you can save the planet.
3. You have no taste of aesthetic what so ever, there is no difference between you and the blind person you gonna run into.

I don’t understand why people buy Toyota Prius, it’s a typical scam, toyota is using our concern about environement to sell us rubbish and make loads of money. To make that Prius as “economical” as possible, toyota goes to the ends of the earth, literally. The nickel they need to make the battery comes from a mine in Canada, to seperate the nickel from the mine, it will produce a lot of acid rain, ok, doesn’t matter, then they load the nickel to an enormous cargo ship and sent it to Europe to refine it and then sent the nickel to China and turn it into a sort of foam then sent them to Japan to put into the battery in a Prius car. Think about those, how much environment damage have they already done in the process of produce a Prius?!!! Ok, if that sounds fine to you environmentalists, and you finally spent a lot of money and bought one, the life of the battery is short and the maintainness cost is higher than normal car. Ok, if that still sounds fine to you environmentalists, and you finally finish the car and through it away, the battery in the car will continue to poison the planet, the poison will go to the water, the soil, the fish, the food, many people will be poisoned and dead. A recent study shows that in the long term, a Prius does more envirnment damage than a Land Rover Discovery. In conclusion, the planet is killed, and the people are killed, just so you environmentalists can buy a Toyota Prius and pretend that you are nice people and concerned about the environment.

Frankly, I can’t see anything good about that Prius. It looks rubbish, it costs a lot, it is slow, it doen’t handle, it uses more oil on a motorway than a V8 M3 because at a high speed the tiny little petrol motor has to work overtime to keep the speed, and what does “using more oil” mean? it means more pollution and more money. In the end, it is not econormical at all.

And now those environmentalists and hippies are starting to worry about the pedestrians, oh, my god, you’ve already killed lots of people and will kill more people at the distinct moment when you sign your Prius bill, it really doesn’t matter if you kill one or two more pedestrians. And further more, do you environmentalists think that we normal people want to see and hear a rubbish looking Prius passing by with a loud speaker with a fake V8 engine noise boardcasting that you are a gay, a pretender, an evnironmentalist, a murder and you want more noise pollution?

If you are a turly concerned about the environment and people’s lives, just don’t buy a hybrid car, go and buy a Land Rover Discovery, so that the planet is saved, the pedestrians are saved, and you will live happier and feel better and people around you will think you are an hornest man and they will love you.


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