How to run your car on water? Hydrorunner

Our Technology – Hydrorunner – Double your Gas Mileage While Keeping it Green!

Hydrorunner’s hydrogen on demand retro-fit system is designed for any ICE
internal combustion or Diesel Engine. We create Hydrogen(H2 Gas) through the
process known as electrolysis or “cracking water” as it also known with no catalyst.
This is important to note because many catalysts that are used can cause
internal breakdown overtime of key engine components. The electrical current is
generated from the OEM’s unused power in the alternator. Note: no special
alternator is necessary to create HH gas. The HH gas is then pulled in by the
throttle plate vacuum into the intake manifold via the HYFSL (Hydrogen Fuel
Supply Line). The HH gas assists the combustion process with the onboard fuel
in a more efficient burn. This is achieved with the assistance of the secondary
computer which controls the flow of the Hydrogen that has been specifically
preprogrammed for that make and model.


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