Some thoughts about My Proposal

I’m going to call my Project “Project EC” or “ProjECt”. Alright it may not be that creative, but as it’s so often that nearlly all my projects have names with “EC” in it, such as my Edwin’s Cardboard Officechair (ECO), my eLight (Light Design), My Edwin’s Carbon Fiber Ring (EC Ring). EC can refer to my name Edwin Conan, or Edwin’s Car, Eco Car, or whatever. Anyway, in order to design a car, can be a sports car, a supercar, a muscle car (at the moment i’m doing one), an off-roader, a van, a truck, a roadster, a speedster, a bus…. whatever car i’ll end up doing next year, there is research needs to be done, although as a car fan, i’ve been collecting car information everywhere since the age of 3, there’s still lots of bits that are missing, or rather not in depth, and there are loads of new technology coming out these days that i missed or heard of but not look into it deeply again.  So i’m looking at different car stories, history, also materials, manufacturor, design briefs, designers and new technology and so on.


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