List of Automotive Designers Categories

How many kinds of Car Design Jobs are there in the world?

Exterior Stylist

Interior Stylist

Colour and Trim Designer

CAD Modeler

Pysical Modeler


Bodykit Fabricater

Where can Car Designers work?

Design Department in Large Automotive Manufacturer, Eg: GM, BMW

Design Firm speialised in vehicle design, usually italians. Eg: Pinifarina, Giugiaro

Car Modification Firm, Modify exterior and interior of existing car. Eg: WestCoastCustoms

Small Manufacturer who do everything from design to building the car. Eg: Pagani, Koenigsegg

Car Customizer who build one-off car for one customer. Eg, Hot Rod

At Home, draw your own car and  build the car in garage.


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