Some thoughts about Car Share

I have seen quite a few car share websites these days, no matter where they are based on, those websites are all very similar layouted. And they have very similar cars for service, like Smart, Honda Jazz or Fit, Toyota Prius, some funky ones got the Honda Element. Some bigger car share companies got nearly all the car categories covered: Citycar, Supermini, Hybrid, Family hatchback, People Carrier, PickUp Truck, Four Wheel Drive, Mid-size Sedan or Estate. One common thing i found is that nearly all car sharing companies tend to buy Japanese cars, because they are cheap to buy and very relaible and tough, so no matter where the customers take it to or whatever he does to the car, the car will not break down. And another common thing i found is nearly none of the car share company has got a performance car, WHY?

Here is just my thought, a performance car is more expensive to buy than any of the car they currently use, and the current customers who use share cars are the sort of people who can’t afford a performance car and concerned about the envirement and think a performance car is a symble of globle warming and it will warm the earth like a kettle boiling water(maybe that’s just their excuse), so even the company got one, not many customers will ask for one. But a Four Wheel drive also makes the world hotter, why we need a four wheel drive? Becuase we need to carry five people, we need to go offroad and have some fun for the weekend or something, the four wheel drive has got a function. And the same goes to a performance car. People want to drive a performance car to experince the sportiness and the handling and the sort of fun of driving that they did have a chance to expernce in their life before for whatever reason (they can’t afford a performance or they are too concerned about global warming).

There are people who want to treat themselve with a performance car for the weekend just like a four wheel drive after a hard week of work, they now have three choices:

1: Wait until some car share or hire companies to buy one and borrow it for the weekend;

2: Persuade themselve to forget about the envirement and Pay a lot of money to be a member of a performance car club and drive one of their car.

3: Persuade themselve to forget about the envirement and work very very hard for the next 10 years and save enough money and buy a performance car.

To a car share customer or a car share company, these 3 choices nearly equal to none.

Ok, what i’m saying here is there is a slot in car share market at the moment, we don’t have a performance car for car share. And what we need is a GREEN, REASONABLE CHEAP, RELAIBLE, MID-SIZE FOUR SEAT PERFORMANCE CAR.

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