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My Toy Helicopter 我的玩具直升机

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The toy helicopter is designed for 5-10 years old kids for them to understand how things are attached together in the basic ways and the basic principle of a helicopter. Kids play this toy helicopter in toy library is just like teenage read a book about helicopter in library. In the toy library, the toy helicopter will be presented to kids in model kits form. The kids need to go through the process of assemble the kits together and make it work. By doing this, kids will understand the principle of gears and helicopter. The toy helicopter can also potentially be one of the character of object in kids’ imaginational role playing stories.

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我设计的手工木制玩具直升机。 这个玩具是专为510岁儿童设计的简易装配木制直升机模型,直升机的主旋翼和尾旋浆通过齿轮组连结, 儿童手摇把手可使大小旋翼同时转动, 且主旋翼产生向下的风。 通过把玩这款玩具, 儿童可初步认识直升机的工作原理和简单齿轮构造,并且培养动手能力自己装配零件直至完成。

这款玩具由 EC 资深老木匠(我)全程手工精心打造, 外形流畅可爱, 色泽鲜艳吸引人, 定会令孩子们爱不释手。