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”'”””\\\\ EC 10th anniversary ////””””’ EC 品牌十周年纪念

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10 years ago, 1997, an 11 years old boy sketched a logo on paper using the initial of his English name, then, the EC brand was established.
From then on, all his belongings are labeled with the EC logo, his drawings, his deisgn sketches, his models, his presentation panels, his posters, his room, his classrooms……
During the 10 years, he worked hard to realize his dream, the EC in his heart, no matter how little people understand him, no matter how humble the surrounding was, no matter how far the reality was from what he wish, no matter…… Unconsciously, EC became part of his life, EC became the belief that he strongly believes.
After 10 years, 2007, he is still striving day and night for making the logo he sketched on the paper ten years ago come true.
For celebrating EC 10th Anniversary, EC proudly present to you the 10th Anniversary Tray, for display EC design and EC products.
The design of the tray is simple, elegent and special. The tray panel is made of expensive, strong and light weight carbon fiber, edge painted red, two race car exhausts come out under the panel and bent to form the handles of the tray. The whole tray is completely EC style and very ECish.
This tray is not for sale.
EC copyright 2007
All rights reserved
十年前, 1997 年, 一个刚上初中预备班的男生在纸上用他的英文名的开头字母E和C组合成了一个标志, 从此, EC品牌诞生了。
从那之后, 他所有的东西都被烙上了EC的标志, 他的素描, 设计草图, 他的模型, 成品, 他的海报, 他的房间, 他的教室……
十年间, 他无时无刻不在用自己的努力和行动去实现他规划的EC, 他心中的梦想……无论旁人多么的不理解, 无论环境多么的简陋, 无论现实多么的不如意。不知不觉, EC成了他生命的一部分, EC成了他执迷不悟的信仰 
十年后的今天, 2007年, 他仍然在为了将他十年前在纸上画下的符号变成现实而日以继夜的奋斗。
为了纪念EC品牌诞生十周年, EC特别制作了十周年纪念盘, 用以展示EC的作品。
纪念盘设计简单且独特。 盘面由昂贵的轻质坚固碳纤维材料制成, 边缘涂以红色, 两根赛车排气管从盘的底部弯曲盘出,在两侧形成盘的手柄。 充分体现了EC的设计风格和EC的美学理念。
此纪念盘为非卖品, 将又EC品牌陈列室永久收藏。