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Top Secret of 2006 (2006 最高机密)

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BLOCK Adaptable UMPC
EC TECHNOLOGY  © copyright 2006 All rights reserved
EC科技 参加微软2006下一代计算机设计竞赛(2006 Microsoft Next Generation PC Design Compitition)的作品。
10英寸液晶触摸显示屏,内置扬声器, 网络摄像头, 蓝牙, 红外, 无线接口, USB, 火线, 视频, 音频, S视频接口及每侧都有的万用借口。
万用借口(Universal Socket)可接特别设计的外接功能组件(External Hardware Block), 外接功能组件包括专业数码相机组件, 高保真扬声器组件, 迷你激光彩色打印机组件(可打印A4大小的文件和照片)。 每个组建上又自带万用借口, 可继续接更多组件。
计算机的硬件, 如硬盘, DVD刻录机, 显卡, CPU, 电池等都被设计成更换模块, 用户可按自己的要求随意更换硬件模块, 以适应不同任务需要。 如需要玩高画质游戏, 可在计算机的模块插槽中多安装一个显卡模块和CPU模块, 提高计算机对图形图像的运算能力。 如需要长时间工作, 可多装电池模块, 以延长计算机工作时间。等等等等。
所有的硬件, 包括计算机本身, 外接功能组件, 背面可更换模块都被设计成长方体形状, 便于随时组装, 使用及携带, 且外观一直保持简洁时尚。
此款概念计算机被设计成三防(防水, 防震, 防磁), 可以适应一些特殊及苛刻环境并保持正常工作。计算机背面还带有太阳能充电板, 在有阳光的时候, 可为计算机提供持续电力及为电池模块充满电。
由于是超便携, 此款计算机的尺寸仅为一张A5纸, 相当于一本小书大小, 厚度为2厘米。
EC科技, 版权所有, 抄袭翻版者死

Overview of Design

                The Simplest Form Has The Infinite Possibility

                "BLOCK" is the next generation ultra mobile personal computer set. It includes an UMPC with 10 inch LCD; an external projector and 10 mega pixels porfessional camera with 10x optical zoom; two external speaker system; a standard keyboard; and a mini colour laser printer. All of them are in the same simple form, block.

                The reason to design all the things (UMPC, external hardware, additional hardware) in block is to make them fully adaptable to meet different requirements of different people’s jobs. There are universal sockets on each side of the UMPC, which allow any of the external hardware units to plug in and lock to place. Although there are necessary hardware built in the computer, such as processer, graphic card and hard drives, six additional hardware blocks can be docked at the back of the UMPC. Users can adjust the performance, memory storage space and battery by putting different combination of additional hardware blocks(Processor block, Graphic card block, Battery block, Hard drive block…) for their certain needs. The same dimension of the blocks makes it very easy to change, assemble and use those hardware. All the external hardware blocks can also work separately using wireless connection. Users can put those blocks wherever they want and using them in their own ways.

                 The "BLOCK" UMPC is also designed to be water proof and shock proof. In other words, it is tough. people can use it in the rain, on a boat, on the beach, or in desert, in mine. The solar panel on the back lid can provide continuous power for the computer.
User and Contact
BLOCK Adaptable UMPC is designed for people who need to use computer at everywhere at everytime to do everything. Due to its adaptability and mobility, it potentially can be adapted by the user to do everything.
Scenarios of Use
With BLOCK Adaptable UMPC, user(s) will no longer suffer from the unchangeable function and performance provided by the fixed-in hardware in the computer nowadays. BLOCK Adaptable UMPC lets users to set up the hardware of the computer by themselves suitable for what they need to do at anytime. Need to do a presentation? Just plug an External Camera/Projector Block on the UMPC. Want the computer to be faster? Just put more Additional Processor Blocks and Additional Graphic Card Blocks on the docks at the back of the UMPC. Want the computer work longer? Put more Battery Blocks at the back. In other words, if the users need a better or faster computer, they do not need to spend so much to buy a new one, just buy more additional hardware blocks or external hardware blocks to adapt the BLOCK UMPC they have. Let the users decide what kind of computer they want to use and set up their own BLOCK Adaptable UMPC by themselves.
User Interface
BLOCK Adaptable UMPC and its external hardware blocks and additional hardware blocks are all designed in simple block form and same dimention, which makes them extremely easy to adapt.  The length or the width of the external hardware blocks(Printer block, Projector block, Speaker block, Keyboard block…) are the same as those of the BLOCK UMPC. They can be plug onto each other’s universal socket while the overall object still remain the same dimention for more Blocks, They can also be used separately using wireless connection.  The additional hardware blocks are small blocks that fit in the 6 docks at the back of the BLOCK UMPC, they are all basic hardwares(Processor block, Graphic card block, Battery block, Hard drive block…), change them, the performance of the computer will be changed. For the user, everything is changeable. How easy to use the BLOCK UMPC is just how easy to play the blocks when you were kid.
Technical Aspects

1.Universal Socket: (socket at the center of each side of the BLOCK UMPC and the longer side ot external hardware block, for external hardware block(Printer block, Projector block, Speaker block, Keyboard block…) or another BLOCK UMPC to plug on, like a joint to connect everything together)

2.Dock at the back of the BLOCK UMPC: (6 docks designed for any of the additional hardware block(Processor block, Graphic card block, Battery block, Hard drive block…)to plug in)

The simplest form has the infinite possibility.

               The appearance of BLOCK Adaptable UMPC and its external hardware and additional hardware is just simple block. No matter what people do to it, change the hardware, it still looks simple. BLOCK Adaptable UMPC is just like the blocks people play when they were kids. To use the computer is simple, easy, and great fun.
222mm x 142mm x 20mm