Make My Mythos

Make My Mythos


What is Mythos? Mythos is myth. Yes, but it is also the name of a Ferrari concept car designed by the iconic Italian car body designer Pininfarina in 1989.


37 years ago Enzo Ferrari asked his good friend “Pinin”Farina to give his cars “image” and a definite marque identity. In 1989, Pininfarina is still doing it. The Mythos, a prototype show car based on the 12-cylinder Testarossa, tends to return to the basic fascination of the two-seater “barchetta” style, yet breaking from the traditional automobile styling. It is therefore very compact, decidedly sporty, and extremely Spartan. The bodywork for this beautifully sculptured speedster is entirely fabricated from carbon fiber composites. The tubular steel frame, taken from the Testarossa, has been further reinforced for the added rigidity required in a speedster. Although the mythos retains the wheelbase of the Testarossa, Its overall length is more compact due to the shortened rear overhang. To smoothly blend the narrow front and wide rear sections, large side ducting for the radiator is employed. The mythos has two aerodynamic adjustable devices. A rear wing can be raised and angled, while the front lip spoiler can be altered as speed increases. The combined effect of these two aerodynamic devices reduces the front and rear rise to obtain better traction during high speed cruise. The interior has been kept simple, reflecting a true racing spirit. Everything is rounded, symmetrical and tastefully finished in fine grain red leather. The Pininfarina Mythos is a true “Dream Car” and fantastic work of art.


This time I spent $45 to buy the model kit and $60 to buy the spray paints and glue from the hobby shop and built the model Mythos at home. I know I spent a lot of money, but, it’s my hobby, I have been making models since I was 7. My works includes sports cars, military aircrafts, ships, submarine, tanks, but mostly are the first two. Making model is a fun process, you will met many unexpected problems and have to solve them. In the end, the sense of accomplishment is just no word can describe.


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