I feel the need for speed!

Just like everyone else, I love to play game. But, different from others, I only play one game: Need For Speed. It was a coincidence, many many years ago, one day, I suddenly found there is a CD case in my drawer, that was Need for Speed 2, I don’t know where it come from, but from the cover I can tell that this is a game about cars. Later after I install it and play around, I found this is amazing. Although at that time, the computer was slow(only Pentium, there was no Pentium II or III at that time), the 3D technology was not very realistic, the game still excited me with its detail introductions of every supercar in it, the ingenious circuits and the great feeling of speed. Suddenly, I realized, I fell in love with Need For Speed. Now I have the full collection of Need For Speed serial, including Need For Speed, Need For Speed II, Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit, Need For Speed IV High Stakes, Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit II, Need For Speed Underground, Need For Speed Underground II and Need For Speed Most Wanted.


The latest volume is Need For Speed Most Wanted, which is the one I am playing currently. In the game you become a street racer who drives a BMW M3 GTR and one day you drove into a city called Rockport and met a gorgeous girl called Mia, she introduced you to Rockport. At the same time, you found Mia is also a street racer and a member of street racing gang in Rockport. One guy from the gang asked you for a race, because you were not familiar with the streets of Rockport, you lost the race and also your beloved ride. After that you knew from Mia that there is a Blacklist in Rockport Police which lists 15 most dangerous street racer in Rockport and the guy who took your ride is on the top of the blacklist, his name is Razor. Mia told you if you want your BMW back, you have to defeat Razor and become the blacklist 1. Then you started your career as a street racer in Rockport and work yourself to the top of that blacklist. In the career you will defeat all the 15 racers on the list and will be involved in innumerable pursuits with dozens of police cars. Your lost BMW became your most wanted car and you became the driver the Rockport Police most wanted.


The interesting part of the game is not just your street racer life, but also the cars. There are a lot of cars available in the game from low level low performance normal cars to high level high performance super cars. And the best bit is you can change the appearance of your ride by changing the bodywork, the rims, the wing, the hood and the colour. Also you can upgrade your ride’s performance just like Need For Speed Underground I &II. I especially like to make my cars look powerful yet not very eye-catching and colourful, it’s my style, very low-keyed.


Currently I am the Blacklist 2. I am nearly there, I can see the tail of my BMW M3 GTR. Haha.

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