Auto Salon

I only know there is Melbourne International Motor Show in the Exhibition Center at the beginning of the year, and it is the biggest motor show in the Southern Hemisphere. I don’t know in the same place there is an Auto Salon in April. The Auto Saloon only displays modified cars. Anyone who watched the program on MTV called “Pimp My Ride” will understand that those cars in Auto Saloon are all “pimped”.


These years, with the R&B and Hip hop culture become more and more popular in young people all around the world, more young guys start to follow their rap stars and modify their cars to make it more beautiful and powerful. Although they are not as rich as a rapper who can afford several Bentley luxury cars or SUVs and modify them, they really go crazy on hot up their own Nissan Skylines or Toyota Supras. The majority of those cars exhibited are Japanese cars, or we call them Import Tuners. Very few cars are Australian made Ford or Holden, European cars are even less. The mean reason of that is a stock Japanese car is much cheaper than any other car and there are more options and parts to choose for upgrading.


Because the strong culture relationship of Hip hop music, rappers, girls and pimped rides, there was a live rap show in the evening, the big speakers and sub woofers kept pumping out loud hiphop music throughout the day and sexy girls posed on the car for photographers. Sometimes this culture also includes drugs, gambling and those kinds of negative words. But anyway, these cars are really interesting.


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