iPW (iPocketWatch) – Pocket Watch Case for the iPod Nano

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Thank you for coming to my WordPress page.

I’ve designed this iPW (iPocketWatch) – pocket watch case for the iPod Nano (pictured above), and am currently seeking funding on the following website:


If you like my design,  would it be ok if you could help to fund my project or help to spread the word for me?

Your kind reaction will be much appreciated.

Many Thanks




Audi Avatar on Car Body Design.com

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Audi Avatar on Car Body Design
Audi Avatar Concept
Car Body Design – Car Design for Automotive Designers, Engineers and Enthusiasts

Audi Avatar Concept featured on Coroflot member gallery

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Coroflot Member Gallery – Popular design projects and images

STUDY: Men can’t help but enjoy fast cars – it’s that testosterone thing again

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Autoblog — We Obsessively Cover The Auto Industry

Talk about a foregone conclusion. Researchers at Canada’s John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal took thirty-nine typical young men (i.e. college guys) and placed them in one of two cars. The first was a Toyota Camry. The second was a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. They then let the men drive up and down on two streets. One was busy and filled with women. The other was deserted. After each little cruise, each man’s saliva was measured for levels of testosterone. Results?

Interestingly, whether there were ladies present or not, the mens’ testosterone didn’t increase at all after driving the Camry. Can anyone else hear Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda groaning? The Porsche? Well, this is interesting. When a young man drives down a skirt-filled street in a Porsche droptop, his testosterone level rises. And when then same young man drives down a totally empty road all by his lonesome in a Porsche convertible his testosterone level… rises. To the same level, in fact, as it did when all the ladies were around.

Says lead researcher Gad Saad, “In other words, just put a guy in a Porsche, and his testosterone levels shoot up, whether people watch or not.” This biological reaction, according to Saad, is a form of “sexual signaling.” A way of signaling to potential mates that the driver of said car is the best breeding stock, the best potential mate. Continues Saad, “It’s saying, ‘all you pretenders out there – you couldn’t be driving this Aston Martin – you couldn’t even rent it.'” Insert crack about auto journos borrowing it for a week here. Tip of the tuque to Jarrett!

So, fast cars are exciting, with or without women. And Toyota Camry is boring, no matter what.

Need some form inspiration?

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TOCA ME on the Behance Network

the amazing organic type in motion by Alex Trochut.

The Honda electric Unicycle U3-X

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Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Device

Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Device

Honda has unveiled a new personal mobility concept called the U3-X.

Essentially a fancy Segway unicycle, the U3-X features the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (dubbed Honda Omni Traction Drive System). Combined with Honda’s balance control technology, the device promises to be safe and user friendly.

The U3-X “fits comfortably between the rider’s legs” (it has a seat), and allows them to move forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally. To speed up, slow down, stop, or change directions, riders simply shift their upper body weight in the direction they want to go.

Weighing less than 10kg (22 lbs), the device is powered by a small lithium-ion battery that provides one hour of operation.

While the U3-X is just a concept, Honda says they will conduct real-world testing to verify the practicality of the device.

Very Interesing wheel design concept.

Why Car Names Really Matter

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Autoblog — We Obsessively Cover The Auto Industry

Why Car Names Really Matter

What’s in a name? Does it really matter what you call a car, or will a car sell well as long as it’s well designed?

As an enthusiast, I always felt that the name of a car never really mattered all that much. I was always more interested in the design and the mechanical aspects of the machine rather than the badge. If it had a cool sounding name, sure, that was good. But to me a great car was a great car no matter what they called it.

Now I’m not so sure.

John McElroy is host of the TV program “Autoline Detroit” and daily web video “Autoline Daily”. Every week he brings his unique insights as an auto industry insider to Autoblog readers.